Proclivity for Protein

I had a personal food epiphany today. I prefer protein and veggies to almost all other food. This all came as a result of a nagging desire for eggs. Eggs? Admittedly, I am not an egg fan. I eat my eggs one way – scrambled with ketchup. I wouldn’t even include eggs as a must eat food, but somehow today I had egg on the brain.

It started innocently enough with another quick breakfast of oatmeal and espresso, but within an hour I started thinking about eggs and bacon. I opened the fridge to confirm the presence of these items. From there, it was on. Bacon & eggs in no time flat.

L's Eggs with Bacon and Espresso

Lunch & Dinner:

Brisket is a minor obsession of mine. It’s a holy grail food for me. I’m on the constant look out for THAT recipe. The recipe that elicits yummy sounds instead of words. The recipe that makes you go buy all of the ingredients and make the food again – immediately. No luck today. Today’s recipe doesn’t even make it into top five contention in the brisket category although it tasted very much like brisket and we ate all of it.

The search continues…

Didn't Make It to the Top 5 Brisket

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One Response to Proclivity for Protein

  1. I didn’t know you had a blog. This is great!

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