Simple Saturday

Good news. I’ve (temporarily) put aside my bagel-for-breakfast habit. With that out of the way, I admit today’s breakfast was purely convenience and in no way a go-to item. Wait for it. Yes. I had waffles with peanut butter smooshed together like a little sandwich.

I even added a side of non-creativity with some apple slices but somehow B. ate most of them before I had finished pouring my coffee. Alas, no breakfast photo today.


Since heating up yesterday’s balsamic chicken breasts for lunch would render them unappealingly dry, I sliced up the little gems and stirred in basic chicken salad ingredients (mayo and sweet relish). I sliced round 2 of the apples for a crunchy side. Simple and tasty.

Chicken Salad Sandwich with Apple Slices


With snow predicted for Sunday, B. dashed out the house to gather some essentials from the grocery store. Trust me. Texas + Snow = Stay Home. When he popped the freezer pizza in the oven while I wrapped up bedtime with baby S. I did not complain. Chicken Alfredo Garlic Pizza. It will do.

Stay tuned for a new week of real meals, real photos, daily (almost).

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