Pining for Pineapple

Do you ever get a mid-summer craving in winter? Your mind says flip flops but the weather says boots. That’s what happened today when I was deciding what I wanted for dinner. Yes. I was thinking about dinner over my morning coffee. At that moment nothing would do but pineapple.

Pineapple in January. The last time I felt this strongly about pineapple I was eight months pregnant and I exclusively ate fruit for three days. So, pineapple was added to the dinner menu. But first, the other meals of the day.


I can’t break my bagel and peanut butter pattern this week. It’s like I am a robot popping the bagel in the toaster while the espresso percolates on the stove and then three minutes later breakfast is ready.

Colorful Close-up


After a midday run I was greeted a with piping hot bowl of pasta with super veggies and meat sauce courtesy of B. (Thanks!)

Chocked-Full-of-Veggies Meat Sauce with Pasta

Cheesy Close-Up


Since we’re in the throws of a cold front, I cooked kabobs in the oven at 400. It’s funny to me that 4 skewers still isn’t enough to meet our demand for veggies and  fruit. Seriously, we would have eaten several more veggie kabobs if they had be available.

And now for the star of the show – pineapple.

Kabobs - Pineapple, Mushrooms, Bell Peppers and Beef

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