Did you notice something missing from yesterday’s meals? I did – Color! In the past I prided myself on eating a vareity of fruits and veggies but reviewing yesterday’s post was certainly an eye opener.

So, today I vow for more color in my meals.


Whole what bagel with peanut butter

Half an orange and blackberries

Colorful Close-up




Seriously, I promise to make another soup tomorrow but I just knew I could eek out one more bowl from the result of Sunday’s tomato soup craving. To round out the meal I added my basic salad and conquered those it’s-still-cold-and-I’m-whining voices with a turkey and cheese quesadilla.

By the way, I quit buying salad dressing about a year ago when one day I actually read the label. Go ahead. Make your own salad dressing. Be a rebel. Seriously, I put all these things in a jar plus a squirt of dijon mustard and shake it up. Simple.

My basic salad

Tomato soup (again!) with Turkey & Cheese Quesadilla


The dinner theme this week is clearly iffy. As in, it’s clearly iffy as to whether or not I would make this dish again. Any flavor imparted to the fish was overwhelmed by the spiciness of the breading – an uncommon occurence I should note. The good news is I sliced and diced the carrots and rutabaga until my heart was content and ended up with plenty of the side dish.

Thankfully, while the baby was crying B. remembered to snap a pic of his plate.

Real Life Catfish with Rutabaga and Carrots

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